Pump Foiling Inspired Apparel

If you are passionate about pump foiling, you may want to integrate this aspect of your lifestyle into your daily wardrobe. This article presents a selection of apparel that resonates with the spirit of pump foiling.

Here you’ll find a list of clothing items we’ve discovered and particularly liked, each reflecting our passion for pump foiling.

“I love Foil” from Neckar Foil in Germany

Kathrin and Kai, the lovely couple behind Neckar Foil, are excited to present a shirt that features an exquisite drawing. This unique piece not only showcases their love for the sport but also brings a touch of artistic flair to the pump foiling community’s wardrobe.

Shit Waves Shirts from Le Doigt in Switzerland

Steeve Fleury, a Swiss waterman also known by his artist name Le Doigt, offers a select but exquisite collection of foil-related shirts. What sets these shirts apart is that each one is hand-printed, bringing a unique touch of artistry to the world of foil enthusiasts.

To order contact Steeve via contact form on his site.

Follow the Froth from Hydrofoilstore

The Hydrofoil Store introduces ‘Follow the Foiling Froth,’ a shirt designed for enthusiasts of the sport. It features a simple yet meaningful design that reflects the essence of foiling. Ideal for those who appreciate a subtle nod to their passion, this shirt adds a unique touch to the everyday wardrobe of the foiling community.

Wake Thief

Wake Thief, under Devon Manz’s guidance, not only aims to simplify foiling but also offers a selection of merch. With over 250 foils tested and 100+ videos shared, their goal is to simplify foiling and guide enthusiasts to the best products, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the sport as much as they do.

The cap shown in the image isn’t just merchandise—it’s a badge of honor. To earn it, you must pump foil for 1 minute straight and capture this achievement on video. Successful challengers will receive a free hat from Wake Thief.

The Foiling Magazine

The Foiling Magazine has some nice designs.

Keep it real with the classic Stay Pumped image on your tee. One to give you motivation when you’re not on the water, and to show you mean business when you get to the beach!

Etsy, Amazon etc.

With a bit of searching on Etsy, Amazon, and similar platforms, you can find additional designs. However, none stood out enough to make it onto the list.

Pump Foiling Community Shop

Finally, I’d like to highlight our very own Pump Foiling Community Shop, driven by the need for more foiling-inspired shirts with quality designs. Our store aims to fill this gap, offering apparel that truly reflects the spirit of foiling for enthusiasts who seek to express their passion through what they wear.

Finally, if you’ve come across any special shirts that caught your eye, please feel free to share them with us.


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