Pump & Grill 4th Edition

Our fourth Pump & Grill event has once again demonstrated the incredible power of community and passion for pumpfoiling. It’s truly inspiring to see individuals from all corners of Switzerland, and even from abroad with Gaël joining us from Italy, coming together to share their enthusiasm for the sport.

These events, held once a month during the winter season, are designed to keep the spirits high and motivation flowing even in the colder months. We welcome everyone, regardless of skill level, to join us in this celebration of pumpfoiling.

This time, we were also thrilled to host a Cloud IX Foil test, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gathering. To top it off, our event caught the attention of a local newspaper, highlighting the growing interest and camaraderie within our community.

The next event will take place on April 6, 2024 at the Ermitage in Küsnacht.

News and updates on the events can be found in the events Whatsapp Group


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  1. Hi Patrick, It was great meeting you and the others in the group yesterday.
    I registered but didn’t receive the confirmation email. Thanks ! Kirk
    When I tried to Login it didn’t accept the password I set up