Pumpfoilers Code of Conduct – Switzerland

We, the community of pumpfoiling enthusiasts in Switzerland, recognize that pumpfoiling is an exhilarating and challenging sport that requires skill, practice, and respect for the water and the environment. We believe that safety, responsibility, and good sportsmanship are essential for enjoying pumpfoiling and protecting ourselves, others, and the waterways where we practice this sport.

Therefore, we pledge to follow these principles and guidelines whenever we pumpfoil:

Safety First

We recognize that pumpfoiling can be dangerous and that accidents can happen, so we commit to always wearing proper safety gear that we deem necessary.

Respect for the Environment

We understand that the water is a fragile and vital ecosystem that must be protected and preserved, so we commit to respecting the environment and avoiding littering, polluting, or disturbing wildlife or natural habitats.

Responsible Behavior

We acknowledge that pumpfoiling involves risks and that we must take responsibility for our actions, so we commit to knowing our limits, avoiding risky maneuvers or situations, and staying aware of our surroundings at all times.

Consideration for Others

We appreciate that we share the water with swimmers, boaters, and other water users, so we commit to staying clear of other watercraft, giving swimmers and other water users a wide berth, using hand signals or other communication methods to alert others to our movements or intentions, and avoiding crowded or congested areas.

Compliance with Regulations

We acknowledge that pumpfoiling may be subject to local regulations or guidelines, so we commit to following any applicable laws, rules, or restrictions regarding pumpfoiling, including speed limits, designated areas, and other requirements.

Fun and Sportsmanship

We recognize that pumpfoiling is also a fun and social activity that brings us together as a community, so we commit to enjoying pumpfoiling with enthusiasm, respect, and good sportsmanship, encouraging and supporting other pumpfoil enthusiasts, and sharing our knowledge, equipment, skills, and passion for this sport with others.


By adopting these principles and guidelines, we believe that we can promote pumpfoiling as a safe, responsible, and sustainable sport that respects the water, the environment, and the people who share our love for this unique and exciting activity. Therefore, we invite all pumpfoil enthusiasts to join us in this commitment to safety, responsibility, and good sportsmanship, and to help us spread the message of the Pumpfoiling Manifesto to others who may be interested in this sport. Let’s pumpfoil with confidence, respect, and joy!

This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

We believe that the Pumpfoiling Code of Conduct is a living document that can benefit from the contributions and insights of the entire pumpfoil community. Therefore, we have decided to make the Code of Conduct open-source and share it on GitHub, a platform that allows anyone to view, edit, and collaborate on the text. By making the Code of Conduct open-source, we hope to foster a culture of collaboration, transparency, and innovation in the pumpfoiling community, and to encourage others to share their ideas, feedback, and suggestions to improve the Code of Conduct over time. We invite all pumpfoil enthusiasts to join us in this effort and to help us shape the future of pumpfoiling by contributing to the Pumpfoiling Code of Conduct on GitHub.


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