Rider Portrait: Kilian Braun


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?
Hello, I am Kilian. My background is based more on frozen water. I have been playing ice hockey since I was 5 years old. In 2008 I started with RedBull crashed ice until 2020 when Covid came the sport died. after almost 70 races and in the 13 years I thought my great passionate sports career had come to an end.

How did you first get introduced to pumpfoiling?
I happened to see a video on the internet of a guy with a foil gliding over the water without a sail, and I said to myself, I want to be able to do that.

Journey into Pumpfoiling

What attracted you to pumpfoiling in the first place?
The feeling of floating above water, the fact that physics makes it possible to float on water, fascinates me again and again.

Can you describe your first experience with pumpfoiling?
I thought it was much easier and that I would never learn it =)

How long did it take you to become proficient?
200-300 tries before I get a few metres. So make sure you get the right equipment and someone to help you in the beginning.


What was the biggest challenge you faced when learning to pumpfoil?
Difficult to say, because foiling always presents new challenges…

Have you ever had any accidents or close calls?
Not that bad =) Helmet

What advice would you give to beginners?
Buy nice or twice.

Passion and Motivation

What keeps you going in the sport?
On the one hand, it’s the new challenges that foiling brings, and on the other hand, it’s the friendships I’ve made through the sport that keep pushing me to new heights.

Do you have any specific goals or milestones you’re aiming for?
There are a few, even secret ones 😉

Cross-Training and Other Interests

Are you involved in any other water sports or activities?
Downhill Bike, Ski, Telemarkski, Surfskate, Inlineskating

How do other sports or activities complement your pumpfoiling?
Skateboarding on a pump track is a great way to keep fit and keep your balance.

Gear and Equipment

Can you talk about your gear? What do you recommend for beginners?
There are good and bad brands on the market. My choice is based on Wake Thief and I would still recommend Axis. For beginners, think about where you want your journey to go. And talk to more than one person about what you should really buy.

How important is the role of technology in pumpfoiling?
The sport is still young and it will be exciting to see where the journey takes us.

Community and Lifestyle

How has pumpfoiling impacted your lifestyle?
I used to be the last one in the water because i’m a warm showerer. now i’m in the water no matter what the weather or temperature. wearing neoprene, of course 😉

Are you part of a community or group that shares your passion?
Sharing the passion around the world.


What’s next for you in the world of pumpfoiling?
I’m trying to open a Pumpfoiling school and testing place in central Switzerland and also I’m trying SUPfoiling, but so far all I’ve learnt is a few new ways of swearing.

Any shoutouts or people you’d like to thank?
Thanks to all the guys who share and push the sport! The great work with Bucher and Walt, especially with Lucas. Strizy for the great boards I had. Axis for the great foils and pushing the limits of foiling more and more. Michael Näf and Benjamin Friant for the great projects we did together.



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